Hi and Thanks for stopping by to say hello.

I live in the great Pacific Northwest; Gig Harbor, Washington to be specific and find myself surrounded by the best nature has to offer including a wonderful family and lots of amazing friends.

Photography for me is a way of truly seeing, being in the moment in a very real way and capturing the memories that have made up my short time in this life. 

I'm not disciplined when it comes to what I like to photograph because I'm fascinated  by almost everything  I see. To keep my photographic interest tuned up I like to shoot in projects and frequently have a half dozen or more going on at the same time.

The professional work I do covering Jazz musicians and jazz venues, KNKX 88.5 Jazz, Blues and NPR News, The Gig Harbor Film Festival and corporate events offer another avenue into meeting new people, making new friends and memories and having fun with my camera.

But my real interest is my family and friends. Dinners, movies, weekends and vacations with a camera and all these fine people are what truly makes and keeps me happy.

Feel free to say hello and thanks for stopping by.


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  • Alex Grillakis

    on January 15, 2021

    Wonderful .Landscapes!

  • Alex Grillakis

    on January 13, 2021

    It's fun to view your .photos! I really enjoy the art. Good Luck! Bye

  • Alex Grillakis

    on January 11, 2021

    I enjoy photography. Love your work!

  • Richard Haukaas

    on December 24, 2020

    Hi Tom. Thought I would stop by to say hello. I will always appreciate the fun trip we had. I've discovered a couple of new rail rides around Lewiston, They are very nice, if you guys are interested. Happy Holidays, your friend Richard.

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